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If you’ve known me for a while, then you may have noticed that The Bespoke Wedding Company hasn’t been getting my full attention this past year or two. If you know me well then you may be fully versed with my (not so new) consulting business, Kelly Chandler Consulting which has been growing at quite an incredible pace and is taking me to new and exciting places in my wedding industry career. In fact it’s grown so much and it feels so good and so right for me that I’ve taken the decision to happily retire The Bespoke Wedding Company and my planning services directly with couples. It’s been an absolute honour and so much fun working so closely with incredible couples and their unique weddings over almost 15 years and it’s now time to take that experience in new directions.

I’ll always be a planner at heart and my wedding industry consulting work takes this 20 year career in event and wedding management as a big part of its foundation. You’ll find me joyfully immersing myself in the business challenges of unique wedding places and spaces, offering my clients (who are largely but not exclusively venues) a range of training events, speaking engagements and my signature one-to-one consulting programmes for start ups & established properties. I am getting great results in helping venue teams thrive in the modern wedding market, achieve more business success, deliver to happier clients as well as achieve more satisfaction and I could not be more excited about this work which has great scope – there are so many ideas in development on how I can best serve my clients.  I’d love it if you’d keep in touch now over at Kelly Chandler Consulting – there is a sign up option on the home page where you can join our mailing list. Alternatively you might like to follow me on Instagram,  Facebook or connect on LinkedIn where I’ll be sharing the latest news. For now, over and out on The Bespoke Wedding Company.

Photo: Kate Nielen. Flowers: Emma Soulsby

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