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Wedding season is officially underway! May to September (and December!) is considered in the industry to be the peak season so chances are if you’ve been invited to any weddings this year, they’ll be fast approaching!


This may trigger you to think about your own wedding and the planning you have to do yet – which is exciting but may be a bit daunting! It can be one thing organising and booking various elements for the big day but what if you aren’t sure what you want in the first place?

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Today we want to help you feel inspired so we have a few tips on where you can draw inspiration from for your wedding day.

It’s the go-to place for a LOT of brides-to-be in terms of finding ideas for their wedding but it can be quite overwhelming with thousands of images to scroll through. We would recommend you use this tool a little later on when you can be more specific and have established some initial ideas.

We have a number of boards we’ve created with various themes and styles you might be inspired by – take a look here.

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Yes, these normally cost something (though if you go to wedding shows sometimes you can pick up a few complimentary copies!) so why would you buy these when there is so much online to see for free? Well, we sit in front of computers and mobile devices for a large part of our day so it’s a good opportunity to not be a screen slave for an hour!

Reading Wedding Magazines

Also, wedding publications edit down the overwhelming amount of choice out there to some key features and on-trend elements, which prevents information overload.


We are big fans of wedding showcases. Note – we didn’t call them wedding fairs or wedding open days (to us, this implies the more dated and traditional wedding events which can be boring and struggle to inspire!). Showcases should be inspirational and be so much more than a few trestle tables in a room – there should be things for you to hear, see, taste and touch. Attending wedding showcases at venues you are considering getting married at are a fantastic tool for seeing a variety of different elements, styles and themes within the space so you can see what you feel works well and not so well.

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In addition to wedding planning, Kelly (owner and director of The Bespoke Wedding Company) is a pro at heading up wedding showcases and has loved putting together events at Waddesdon Manor and Chiswick House recently as part of our sister company Kelly Chandler Consulting.

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Instagram is a fantastic tool for engaged couples – it’s the most visual social media channel out there (bar Snapchat but of course this is too temporary for what brides-to-be need it for). Searching by hashtag can work well but we would recommend picking a select number of wedding planners, stylists, bloggers, florists and venues to follow for regular inspiration.

Click here to have a look at our Instagram and feel free to follow us! Whilst you’re there, have a look at who we follow to find some fantastic wedding suppliers and bloggers.

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Pretty much everyone we know in the wedding industry has a blog (including us as you’ll know from reading this post!) so it’s a great place for couples to read up on trends, ideas and styling suggestions. One of our favourite professional blogs, BLoved Blog, shares beautiful regular posts about wedding fashion, food, venues and more.

BLoved Blog

Another beautiful website (which has its own blog too) is Coco Wedding Venues; if you’re stuck for ideas for venues then Coco can inspire you after you select the style of wedding you might like ‘City Chic’, ‘Classic Elegance’ etc. It brings venues from all over the UK (and some international) into one place which makes it much easier to come up with a shortlist to visit!

Coco Wedding Venues

Wedding Planners
Although we are sticklers for logistics and organisation, we love getting creative and sharing our ideas too. After getting to know you as a couple, we can get a feel for what we think you may like and put ideas together from venue style to stationery suggestions to table top design. We’ve planned a lot of weddings since The Bespoke Wedding Company started in 2003 so can suggest some fantastic ideas that we think would work for your big day. Get in touch and we can help you with styling ideas in addition to everything else you’d need planned for your day.

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